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They live in the gaps

just like a piece of paper that has been folded over and folded back

edges meet but something is gone

hiding missingĀ out of sight

and mind

if the dreams are true

it’s in the gaps

something is


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i won’t forget

can’t remember

what i meant to do or say

i lost my directions

will my north ever be true

everything is a cluttered mess

my thoughts…house…relationships

all look the same

and i’m tired

so very tired of it all

tired enough to stumble

into something else because

who knows what path is golden

certainly not i….

Just Checking in….

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The thing about death is that it happens in so many ways. After the deaths of my grandmother, and two close friends last year, I felt like part of me died with them. It’s an interesting thing because actually, part of me did die with them…the parts they knew that no one else has ever known…the things they saw in me that no one else sees. It was too much to deal with and so emotionally and spiritually, I died too. I don’t know if or how they may be reborn but I know that today, i am experiencing the birth of yet another chapter in my life because for the first time – in a very long time – I feel happy and excited about life and what my journey may look like from this point forward. Someone once wrote that there is always the sequence “life-death-life” that no matter what, life always follows death – and so once again, it is true…and I…am grateful.


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To look is a simple thing

To glance is mysterious

To stare can be thoughtful

But to see – takes a lifetime…

For My Dear Friend..

•September 25, 2007 • 1 Comment

you are a beautiful shining light

your heart touched everything with love

your life changed mine


on a tuesday evening at the end of a session my therapist announced we might need to move into a different space because of scheduling conflicts she led me up the stairs and into a room i had never seen my eyes scanned the furniture lighting and walls trying to assess whether it would be a comfortable place and then i recognized and old friend on one wall hung a framed piece of my very own artwork circa 1995 it came from the only place i have sold my artwork my friends store i knew that was a sign the following saturday my friend who so bravely fought cancer joined all the beautiful angels that always surrounded her in this life if ever there was truly a human angel she was one finding the picture at that moment in time was her way of saying goodbye the picture was a drawing of an angel hugging a person her last hug for me.

In remembrance of Nonnie

•June 14, 2007 • 1 Comment

My dearest grandmother
I came to see you on this
Sun kissed day in June
The wind is blowing hard
But not cold
The large trees outside your window
Proudly display full-grown leaves
That dance madly to the rhythm of the steady breeze
Through the wind I hear the song of a single bird
So clear and true
The melody was unmistakable as I stopped to listen for a moment
If the wind is my life
Dear grandmother
And you are the bird
I know that I will hear your song
Through the instrument
Of my heart
Where you will remain


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it’s hard to describe

the feelings

i’m choking on

the space between

then and now

vast and nothing

all at the same time

she lived her life

in a small place

without reaching out

for me

and now i realize how badly

i wish

i had reached out to her


The crack

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A crack

in time

in memory

in being

in thinking

in feeling

in me.

dancing in chaos

feeling safe and sound

wake up

i never felt like that

i abandoned my childhood

to play caretaker

to be the safe giver

and now i find

that fact so sad

i am lost in my sadness

for now….


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Can you BE beauty

When you observe beauty

And it becomes a part of your experience

Does it then become a part of you?

Does it shine so that others observe your beauty

And therefore your beauty becomes

A part of them?


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Personal growth is a journey of the spirit

There is no other way to travel

Unrest only exists in the absence

of Love

And my friends,

Love is all there is…